Omamami …

In my life, many people come and go. Some of them left without any marks but some other “stay” there. Even though they have gone, they leave some memories. One person that “stay” in my heart and my mind is my beloved Grandma, Omamami. Although she passed away for more that a half year ago on June 20, 2013, I still remember everything about her.

She was an adorable woman! We were really close back then. Mostly because we shared a bunch of similarities starting from personality to the favorite things. For example, both of us love to teach and drink coffee. Thus, our easy going personality reflected on our everyday behaviors such as talk active, straight to the point even rebellious sometimes (LOL). When I get into a fight with my mom, she often became the one who stood by my side. I could share everything to her without any boundaries.

Furthermore, she was also a good story teller. No matter how many times the story was repeated as long as grandma who shared the story, then it would always be interesting. She loved to share her story during colonialism era when Netherlands  and Japan colonized Indonesia. Grandma was a 13 years old when she was sent to Java to take a teacher’s training; she became a teacher at the age of seventeen.  Her love story with Grandpa, was her most favorite story to tell. My grandpa passed away 20 years before she died. I could feel that both of them were madly in love with each other.

My grandma used to tease me by saying “How come a little child like you become a lecturer! Your students even bigger than you!”. Then, I would replied her in slow voice saying “Yeah, at least I started at the age of 21, while Grany were at the age of 16, so who is the little child now?” After that she would laugh out loud and could not say anything more.

Moreover, Grandma was the one who showed me the real example of simple life, forgiveness and true love. She was loved by all people around her. In church, for instance, she was well known for her energetic personality and warm heart. In the end, for me she is my idol and was my closest friend. l’ll see you in heaven, dear Grandma! I Love You!

Opapapi & Omamami

Silly Grandma-Granddaughter

Silly Grandma-Granddaughter

One of our last laughs together

One of our last laughs together

Goodbye Oma...

Goodbye Oma…


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