Tangled Thought

Lord, how are you there? Do You miss me God? Because i miss you,,
I want to know whats on your heart ? what do you think about me…
Am i a daughter that already pleasing your heart?
I failed many times… i forgot you oftenly.

Do i have enaugh time to silence and pray ?
Do you still be my priority?
Do what i want to hear is always about what you think?
Do you allow me or not?

Dear God, my life changing alot lately.
Many people look on me. Urge to know me. Make theirown assess on me.
But i just like lost. Im lost without You.
I need to hold Your hands, depend on You alone. Not any one else.

Loved by people, Cared by people …
All i wanna do is be with You, You are my hiding place. You are the safest place i can go.
Lord, its me and You alone. Nothing else matters. Nothing in this world will do.
You are the center Lord, my heart thought soul longing for You…
My soul thirsty of You,,,

Everything seems so vurnarable. Temporary. Unsatisfied.
You, You alone God can heal me, can do that for me…
With you i will stay.
Till i see Your face… this heart and mind are belongs to You


2 thoughts on “Tangled Thought

  1. Merly Aclin right??

    Dear, Sebelum nya salam kenal,saya baca posting di blog September 13th, 2011.. “a heaven called sea”. Boleh tau Spot Snorkling di Kupang?? Saya Baru pindah,(ngga baru juga sih..) Smenjak Desember 2012,tapi baru brkesempatan mau snorkling di kupang skrng.. Mudah2n dapat info dari Merly Aclin..

    Thanks Berat,

    Ully Rully

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