what i do now.


lagi free time neh observe class nya kosong!!!
padahal pengen masuk i can much info. P yulius Yusak Ranimpi seehh….
one of qualified lecture in UKSW… ( i think)

tadi juga baru selesai kelas Metodologi peneltian buNNy yang tugas \nya baru finish tadi subuh jam 1.00 an lah!

abis kebanyakan ide juga. mau nulis tentang ini itu. akhrnya ga jalan2!
klo kata P nico Kana sh ni mata keranjng biar udah punya pacar masuh suka jelalatan kemana man

aku ngambil topik tentang "Proses Penddikan di Sekolah Sosial"

bt concern ke education seh. untuk sejauh inin ngga tau deh nanti….

don’t now where it start (proud of teacher) and inspirited by who.

logic assumption is I grow up and life from a teacher. Yapz my father is a
teacher. Inspirational teacher. How can I say like that? Actually I never
teched by him in a classroom but I know he’s influence to other people around
me. How much others respect my father but in other hand  much people hate him too. Yeah I think it is
the risk being a radical person, and its
so happy now he take the risk whatever big it is. Okey  okey stop it. Hahahaha.
Actually What I want to share is How “majesty” being a teacher.


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